Extended Warranty


Your present vehicle is probably the second largest investment that you have made in your life. Considering the importance of having reliable transportation, mechanical breakdowns are not only an inconvenience but are down right expensive.

At Peace Country Toyota Inc, we realize the value and importance of your vehicle and try our best to keep repair costs and inconvenience to a minimum. This is why an extended service contract becomes of utmost importance to our customers.

We offer a wide array of extended service contracts ranging from basic power train, to cover the major components such as engine, transmission and power train, to a full and comprehensive Premium care coverage warranty blanketing not only major components but electrical and high tech options also. Our warranties not only take out the cost factor but most also cover substitute vehicle transportation while your vehicle is tied up and road side assistance to help out when you've run out of gas, have a flat tire or are just plain stuck on the side of the road.

At Peace Country Toyota Inc, we consider ourselves a leader in customer satisfaction after the sale and with an extended service contract that customer satisfaction is also guaranteed well into the future. Contact our finance office today and they will gladly give you any further information you may need.